Livestream Short: Strings, Fonts and Text

Learn how to create and manipulate strings in InstaMAT Studio with the Element graph.

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I’m starting to learn how to do a Layering project and I can’t figure out what need to be done to get a layer with input text and font selection as a Layer or a Decal

Can you point me to the right direction? Do you have something like a Text layer?

Hello @tor3203,

One way to add text is by creating a new Element Layer and using the Text node. You can set the Text node’s outputs to apply to different channels like the BaseColor and Height in the Layer Channels panel. Then to project it as a decal, you can go to the Layer Projection panel, and select Decal as the Projection Mode. You can then use the viewport gizmos using W, E, R to switch between position, rotation, and scale or the decal picker “Q” to click on where you’d like to position the text.

Here’s a quick example

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Thank you for the answer and video. That’s not as easy as I thought, but it’s working.
It would be awesome if you would consider adding a new “text layer” next to that ‘create new element layer’ dialogue box. I mean, to save a lot of clicks and set it to ‘decal’ projection in 1 go.
It would feel like we can easily have a text layer just like in Photoshop or something similar.
Create a text layer and start typing.


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You’re welcome :smiling_face:

If you would like you could create a feature request in the InstaMAT > Feature Requests category. Just be sure to follow the feature request post template which is provided when making a post in that category. Then others can vote on requests to show their popularity.


Noted. Thanks.
I’ll take a look at that.

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