Low-poly & low resolution texturing support

Support for low-poly & low texture resolution workflows. It involves a small set of essential features that I will list below.


These days retro-stylized games are growing in popularity at a crazy pace. But most of the modern texturing tools completely ignore this large part of the game development scene.

Implementation Details:

  • way to turn off texture smoothing so models can be viewed in nearest-neighbor mode
  • material previews that take into account very low resolutions and can scale preview by a power of two to keep everything sharp
  • forcing UV-unwrap to snap to full pixels
  • way to precisely define texel density (pixel to mesh ratio)
  • making texture painting tools low-resolution compatible (option to turn off edge smoothing, pixel perfect point/circle/square brushes)

Thanks @borion for your feature request!

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Yeah this would be good to have.

I think a “pixel art” style painting mode would be great, not just for this but also i’ve ALREADY found a few cases where I wanted low-res textures (like 16x16) for a control map.

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@joeld42 I wanted to mention that you can add a vote to a feature request to represent more interest in the feature. The vote button is next to the title of the post at the top.

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