Make Box Selection Left click by default

Making the option to select nodes with Left Click + Drag instead of using Shift + Left Click + Drag the default option.


Currently, Shift + Left Click + Drag is used for the selection box. This doesn’t make sense to me due to the default behavior Left Click and Middle Mouse click doing the same thing. They pan the view. So, I think most people are familiar with the middle mouse click for panning the viewport and would also be familiar if left click was used for box selection.

Implementation Details

Remove: Shift + Left Mouse + Drag = Box Selection

Add: Left Mouse + Drag = Box Selection
Add: Industry standard options for 3D View Port. (Alt + Left = Rotate, Alt + Middle = Pan, Alt + Right = Zoom.)

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Thanks for doing that @Pixby

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yes if we could please allow customising the navigation controls to whatever we like. its so frustrating switching from DCC to instamat and having foreign nav controls that can’t be customized. This would make the experience much nicer

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I wouldn’t want LMB = pan removed. When using InstaMat on laptop, I cannot press MMB and Alt + LMB (click, not simple double tap) is tiring.