Make separate slider/spinner/number fields that are easier to control

Its a bit difficult to punch in numbers into the numbers field, when they are also the field for the slider and spinner.


It may be a bit late to change that, as I figure this is pretty deeply embedded in the app. I also understand that the whole UI is supposed to be very sleek and minimalistic and thats very much a matter of taste…

But I personally find it pretty uncomfortable to have the numbers and sliders and spinner be in same field.
I regularily try to double click on a field to punch in a number and end up not double clicking fast enough, so instead of punching in “2” I switch tabs in the ui or do something else that was not my intention.
Other times instead of sliding to a different value, clicking on it directly jumps to it.
Which is ok in some cases (opacity etc), but in other cases it can potentially lead to numbers to high for my GPU to handle (tesselation etc).

Some fields have the “pen” symbol, that allows you to directly type in the number you need, but some fields don´t have that and if you can ALSO double click the numbers field to set the precise number, it becomes difficult to always do it ONE way.

Implementation Details

  1. Have consistency: If for example only the pen should allow you to directly punch in a number, then it would need to be everywhere where you can enter the number manually, which it currently is not.
  2. Don´t mix numbers and spinners AND slider in one field.
    For all the named reasons above. Right now the slider is in the numbers field if you click and drag, but if you double click, you ALSO get the spinner at the very left with the up+down arrows. I´d epxect arrows to go up and down precise number of steps, instead of being another slider type control.
  3. Make it better readable. The value of the drag slider is currently very difficult to read (even though of course you can read the number value), as its just a very small line. Having the slider visible over the whole field would make it clearer, that its the slider and that you need to click somewhere else to enter the precise number.
    Or simply display the numbers to its right or left side and they update with the slider, but you can then double click THOSE, when wanting to enter precise numbers.

Hello @insertmesh ! Thanks for your feature request!