Mesh ID Issue in Layering paint

I encountered this problem in Layering paint and I don’t know how to fix:
When I bake the mesh textures, the bake ID of the mesh is not correct, or I do something wrong:

As you can see in the images, the upper grid is projected onto the underlying mesh also in the ID bake.

How can I avoid this ID projection effect?


That’s a typical artifact with baking! It’s fairly easy to fix, you have two options:

  1. Decrease the outwards raylength of the baker. It controls the maximum distance the ray can search to find the surface to bake down onto the mesh.

  2. Use targeted baking to target specific source meshes onto specific target meshes:

    A bit more information on targeting is available in the LOD docs here: Baking | InstaLOD Documentation

Let me know if that worked! @Pixby something for the KB.

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Yes It work! Thnx, now need to undestand how work the alphachannel :wink:

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