Minor issues and suggestions

After testing instamat for a while i found some minor issues and got suggestions to improve instamat.

Cannot see bounds when in channel preview mode

Mesh mask builder has some opacity sliders -1 to 1. Even when u open override window it says 0 - 1 you should rewrite 0 to take effect.

Mesh mask paint renames to mesh painting when undo

I think an eye icon would be better for enabling / disabling layers. Often times i press it to delete layer. And a trash icon for remove layer button.

Preview Output setting when double clicking doesnt always respect to it.

And lastly focus should frame the object without changing camera rotations like in other dccs. Current behavior should be called like reset/home camera etc. i think we should have both.

Thanks for the posts! I’ve created tasks for some of the issues.

We consider our “F” to be a home button indeed. But I think it’s useful to have both indeed.

This is a conscious decision on our end, we did not want to use the eye in this area! I hope you can get used to it.

This is not a bug as well, it is a powerful feature. You can create negative masks to take away from previous masks in the stack.

I think it’s important to be critical, but it’s also important to give the new product a chance, get used to it, and try not to consider everything bad or faulty, because you’re not used to it, or you don’t grasp it yet!

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I can get used to the “x” but I´d second the need for a delete/trash button.
especially when working with pent/tablet, having no delete button means I need to assign/remember another button for that on my tablet setup, that is already pretty crowded.

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Indeed, the trash button could be helpful for tablet users. But I think most tablets support a RMB button on the pen, don’t they?

In any case, I think it would be a good candidate for a FR.