More projection paint features

Projection paint is already integrated, but we need to be able to rotate/scale and maybe change tiling for the image being projected.


This is an essential featureset when using projection painting for manual texturing.

Implementation Details

Simply giving us the same gizmo control as for decals would work fine, not sure where you´d put the tiling option, as there is no projection options for images added in a multibrush layer.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m happy to say that this is already on the roadmap.


Thanks for adding the option to rotate the projection image!
We still need scaling to work as well, as its impossible to project fine details precisely if you can only control the size of the projection by zooming in our out of the mesh.

Its also not idea, that the rotation button is on the side panel, it makes rotating a bit unconvenient, because as soon as your mouse goes to the sidepanel, the projection paint disappears from the viewport.
Gizmo solution like for decals would be better imho.

A nice work around to scale currently is to simply dolly in and out. At least that’s how I typically set the scale, certainly tricky if you want to paint with tiny brush strokes that way.