My 3080 RTX uncertified?

Hello everyone, first topic for me here!
I tried to use the raytracing feature with my GPU, but my nvidia 3080 RTX is considered as “uncertified”. Should I upgrade my drivers to the latest version (556.12) (right now I have 536.23 version) or there is another possible reason for not being able to gpu render?
Thanks in advance!


Hello @Aumakua and welcome to our community!

InstaMAT’s raytracing feature uses AMD’s Radeon ProRender engine which has varying levels of support for various GPUs. If you are unable to render with the GPU device enabled, I’d recommend trying to disable it to switch to CPU. As you mentioned, you could also check to see if upgrading your GPU’s drivers could help.


Thank you! I will give it a try with the drivers because I would really like to be able to use my GPU.

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