My computer cursor arrow not aligned with topic headers I want to choose

For instance, in the Graph Library" on the lists such as Materials and then Mesh and then Mesh Materials, etc, all in a vertical list, when I hover my cursor arrow over the name I want to open, let’s say I want to choose “Paintbrush,” I have to put my arrow over the name above it, in this case over the word “Noise” to highlight “Paintbrush.”

This phenomenon is the same for all the items I have to choose. So there seems to be a 1/4 inch vertical offset from my cursor arrow above what it is I want to select.

Cursor out of alignment

I haven’t experienced this in any of the other programs I am using.

Just thought you should know.

Hello @mwsheeler and thanks for the report!

I have personally never seen this before, do you have some DPI or accessibility setting enabled on your computer?

Hi voidberg,

Thanks for the reply. I have no accessibility settings or special DPI set, (unless I unknowingly hit some key combination that did it). As I mentioned, this is the only software where this phenomenon occurs.

I can learn to live with it.

You shouldn’t have to, I think if you have this issue, many others will as well so it’s in our best interest to get to the bottom of it!

Voidberg, is there a way for me to check the DPI and the accessibility settings on my Windows PC?

@AbstractSupport are you aware of these settings?

I found this
Maybe there’s also a mouse setting that could affect this?

On a side note, we’re already looking into this issue!

Strange, today the cursor alignment is perfect in InstaMat. My scaling was set to 150% on my 4k monitor and the recommended was 200%. I don’t recall ever changing that in Settings.

Just wanted to let you know.

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Oh, yeah this happened to me too. (I have screenshots on my other PC if that helps). For me it happened when instamat was on my second monitor and the PC went to sleep. When the PC woke up, the toolbar buttons, menus (and even the window buttons) were misaligned and would hover when the mouse was under it. Closing and restarting InstaMat reset it.

It’s happend a few times now (windows 11)

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Thanks for mentioning. Could you provide your Windows display settings so that we can try to narrow down the issue? What’s the resolution of your displays and are you using scaling?

Here’s a couple of screenshots from when it happened:


It looks like the window is shifting everything down to make space for the title bar, but it is not actually drawing the title bar and using the mouse position as if it were not there.

My Display settings:
Main Screen (Samsung):

Second Monitor (Acer):

Not sure my GPU driver version, it’s whatver NVidia wants to install, i’ve left the auto-updates on. Let me know if there’s a specific setting you want me to check.

I think it has something to do with sleep/wake or moving the screen between monitors. I did try putting Instmat on the second monitor, putting the computer to sleep, waking it up and then moving it back to the primary and it didn’t happen, but maybe there’s some other step or it minimized it to the other monitor or something?

It’s only happened to be about two or three times since I started playing with InstaMAT so it’s not a big problem for me.

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Thanks @joeld42 for that additional information. Do you know if you have any of these settings enabled? Do you have any DPI scaling?

I just double checked that I do not have any display scaling enabled. Scale is set to 100% and resolution is set to 2560x1440 (Recommended).

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Thanks for checking @joeld42. I’ll report this internally. By the way are you using the latest version of InstaMAT Studio Early Access 3?

The screenshot was from an earlier version, I think it was the first one but maybe was EA2. Pretty sure it happened once with EA2 version as well though. I haven’t seen it yet with EA3 but if it does i’ll grab another screenshot.


Appreciate that, thanks!