Navigating Panels with Tablet Pen

I’m currently exploring the tool. Could you please add the ability to scroll any window/panel via holding a mouse/tablet pen button?


For heavy tablet users, this is super sad in any tool if this doesn’t exist. Seeing how well you guys take tablet users into account even for the graph editor, I would love to see this integrated for even faster workflow for users mostly using pen.

Implementation Details

In Substance Painter, you can do this holding “Ctrl+Alt” and drag the window up/down. But the best implementations for tablet users is in 3D Coat and Blender, where you can simply right or mid click in any window to scroll it up/down.

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I’ve moved your request to the Feature Requests category and I’ve altered to format to match our feature requests template. If you’d like to make a feature request, please create it in the InstaMAT > Feature Requests category. The template should automatically appear when creating a post in that category.


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