Need a node store

Need a node store, just like the AppStore.


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If I directly share the Cooked .IMP file, others will have perpetual usage rights. Others could simply purchase the node from me once and then resell it online, leading to a situation where inferior products drive out superior ones.

If IMT could address this issue within the software itself, I believe 99% of developers would be willing to share royalties with the official team, thus boosting everyone’s creative enthusiasm. After all, such software is primarily used by developers, and ordinary users generally rely on pre-made assets without contributing to software subscriptions.

This concept is somewhat akin to the Unreal Engine marketplace, where the official team manages licenses for plugins developed by third-party developers.

If your customers can’t make money through your software, then it’ll be challenging for you to earn money from them. Conversely, if authors of development nodes can earn money through IMT, it will quickly foster a healthy ecosystem where developers, the official team, and ordinary users can all get what they want.

As the store accumulates many nodes that improve efficiency, the barrier to entry for ordinary users will decrease, leading to a significant increase in IMT’s user base. Additionally, it would alleviate the workload of the official developers since many node developers would publish their own nodes in the store.

This has also been a long-standing pain point for Substance Designer. Most users are Technical Artists (TAs) or Technical Directors (TDs), who possess professional knowledge of computer graphics. Therefore, they can easily learn Substance Designer and create some nodes to expedite their company’s internal processes. However, they choose not to publish these nodes because they cannot profit from them. Such professional users are relatively few in number. Most Substance Designer users are not familiar with computer graphics, making it difficult for them to create nodes that fully fit their workflows. As a result, these users gradually lose interest in using Substance Designer, which means that the Substance Designer team will lose many customers.

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Implementation Details

When users finish creating nodes, they can choose to publish them(.IMP) in the store. They need to fill in whether it’s a subscription model or a one-time payment model, as well as the author’s payment method. The official platform will then deduct taxes based on a percentage of that price.

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I agree that we need a solid way of distributing our setups without losing control over it. Whether it is in the form of a shop or some other way of being able to node that is a product and not just a result of the product, I am not sure.

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