Normalized position: Optional Global toggle


Would it be possible to have “Normalized Position” from the Mesh Transform node (and probably some others) by Default OFF?


I tried making some procedural models and when I tried moving some chair legs (copied with Array) and then combine them with a seat, I had quite some troubles because they wouldn’t fit onto each other even though - to my knowledge - I used the right numbers from the objects’ dimensions.

The Normalized Position made it quite confusing. After turning it off, everything was moving to its correct positions.


Would it be possible to have some Global toggle to turn that off or just have it off by default? I don’t see much reason having it on, though maybe you have a usecase for it?

Thanks for reading.

Hello @Ikxi ,

I’ve slightly altered the original post so that it conforms to the feature request template.

Thank you for your feature request!

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