Pioneer License

I have successfully D/L InstaMAT Studio and am now trying to obtain InstaLOD Pioneer License as well. However, this time it is requiring me to input card details before I can complete - this did not happen with InstaMAT studio. Can you please confirm why you need my card details for one and not the other?

Many Thanks

Hello @NigeAnThat and welcome to our community!

This is to make sure that the users are unique to prevent abuse, we are not billing you at all. It’s only to avoid abuse and fraud. If you have a better idea as to how we can ensure unique users please let us know!

In regards to why it isn’t active for InstaMAT, it’s possible that it was forgotten and verification is not yet enabled. So it’s possible that it will be enabled soon.

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OK cool - thanks for the explanation. Super excited to start exploring these tools.