Pipeline Download

I just created a Pionner account and downloaded InstaLDO Studio and the blender integration.

I followed the documentation for the Addon installation and it asked me to download the Pipeline tool, but there was nothing related to the pipeline tool on my account.

Am I missing something? I checked the cloud page, but there’s nothing there besides the Studio and Integrating files.


Im having the same issue, I searched everywhere possible, its just really confusing to get started
also having the issue that studio wont open .blend files and the mesh vanishing after remeshing when I try it with .obj
most of the content I can find is +2 years old, very irritating…

Hello and welcome to our community!

Please note that Pioneer and Studio Licenses do not include support for our plugins in DCC tools. However, they include our standalone application InstaLOD Studio and game engine integrations into Unity and Unreal Engine. Even though you can still download InstaLOD for Blender for example, InstaLOD Pipeline - the processing backbone that powers all our DCC plugins - is not included in your account.

DCC tool plugins are included starting with the InstaLOD Node-Locked Subscription - I hope this clarifies the situation.



Ok, so on the licensing page, it does say Integration for game Engines.

So I got a bit confused when I saw the plugins for all the DCCs on my account. So probably they shouldn’t be there as it makes you think those are available to you.

I will be giving a try to the node-locked license then.

As a suggestion, it would be nice to at least get access to Blender’s Addon, since Blender is free. As someone who doesn’t make more than 100k a year and only does this sort of file optimization occasionally, it would be a nice extra.


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