Question about BAKER hardware usage

Good Day!

I started to test an archaeological excavation scan based mesh due to baking.
Reason: I knew that any baker would sweat under it :slight_smile: so, it is a good test.

As soon as I connected my high poly (60mill tri) and low poly (1mill tri) meshes into the baker node, it started to calculate the normal, based on the baker’s default settings. Since then I can not interact with the viewport, the calculation is ongoing since a 20+ minutes.
I took a look on my system workloads:

  • GPU (3060TI) close to 1% so probably the GPU baker option was default off, or turned off due to the polycount.
  • CPU (Ryzen 5950) is at 7%, once it was on 16% for a few min.
  • RAM usage is: 113/128GB - (I believe it is high)

Thanks in advance for the answer!

Hello @Polybud and welcome to the community!

That should not happen, there must be some issue that gets MAT stuck in a loop. Maybe it did not even start baking yet because it’s still loading the mesh?

Can you upload the mesh somewhere, I could take a look that way.

@voidberg sure, I will send you a pm with a drive link.
The mesh(high poly) is 60mill tri, coming out from Reality Capture.
What I can imagine, that since the mesh has 9 UDIM tiles, and Reality Capture is baking in UDIM tiles to mat info as separate UV sets - it could be a problem - but it’s just a guess :slight_smile:

If I share the drive link true by tagging your name is suitable? Or shall I send it to you by using another channel?

If you can share a public link that would be great, otherwise, you can send me a private message here on the forum!

Thanks @voidberg I will send it here, since its not under NDA, but a test subject.
non watertight mesh from RC - baking test

Side note: from where I’m able to send a PM to Insta devs? Maybe I misunderstood something, but as I read it, I can send a PM to a staff member, just if prior I received a PM by them - thanks in advance if you can point me to the right direction due to this :slight_smile:

I think you can just click on my name and a popup appears with a message button! You can also join our discord server and find me there to send it! :partying_face:

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