Reset All Inputs to Default with a Single Button

Create a button/hotkey to reset all the inputs to default values with a single click.


Instead of having to click every single arrow to go back to the defaults, a sweeping reset to default setting for each changed value.

Implementation Details

Sometimes things go wrong … so wrong, in fact, there is no saving whatever you have messed up. Instead of deleting and readding the node in question through the Tab Menu, I would prefer a button, maybe an overall reset in the top right corner like in Davinci Resolve Fusion nodes, or, even better, an button that would reset every section of the node. For instance, it may not be desirable to reset the instance properties grayscale setting while you might want to reset your work in the inputs part.

Such granular control would enhance the iterative creative process too.

It would also be a big help when duplicating nodes with Ctrl + D to quickly get a default node. QoL. :slight_smile:

This functionality is represented by the circular arrow with a plus in the middle in the top right corner.


Hello @DKNSDSGN ! Thank you for your feature request. I have quickly updated the format of the post to follow the feature request format.