Saving and loading Element Graph

I am trying to create my first Element Graph and have been trying to Save the project and reload it to continue working on it but I keep getting errors. Initially I saved it to the default folder under C:\Users*user*\Documents\InstaMAT\ (Windows 10) but I get collision ID errors.

Pixby suggested saving outside of the default folder. This fixed the collision error and was successful when I closed the project and reloaded it within the same InstaMAT session, however when I closed InstaMAT and launched it, went to a blank project and then File > Open Package and selected the recently saved .IMP file, it returned an error saying failed to load package.

I’m looking for the proper way to save and load an InstaMAT files and cannot find any documentation on the best practice to avoid errors.

I have watched every video on the InstaMAT YT page except for livestreams, which I’m knocking out now and have tried researching the documentation but that is not available at the time of writing.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Genesis730 and welcome to our community!

Thanks for your post.

I have recorded a brief video showing how to save and open InstaMAT Package files. The Example Folder I have here is a folder on my Desktop.

I hope this provides more clarity when saving and opening packages in InstaMAT Studio.

Thanks again!

As discussed on Discord, saving the package with “Save Package” from the File menu has resolved the issue.