Separate color palette for painting

I´d love a separate color palette for painting with brushes. Having to go to the base color layer for picking the color isn´t ideal in many cases.


For example, if you have to change brush settings while painting, you always need to tab back to the layer tab to then change color, which is very disruptive for manually texture painting. Its also not very intuitive while working and a bit fiddly to pick in the UI.

Implementation Details

The palette would ideally be docked in a separate place OR in the brush tab, so you could have it at least in the same tab.
Ideally it could be called via hotkey as a floating window at the cursor/pen position, like in Photoshop or Zbrush, including a FB/BG color selection and a hotkey to quickly swap between those as well as a color picker.

Thanks @insertmesh for your feature request!

Yeah seconded. This would be great. Especially the “X” to toggle FG/BG color