Server Connection failed - lincese not found

I have a problem with my InstaLOD lincese. When I open the programm there is an error saying: “Failed to connect to server with error code 101”.
Could anyone help me out?



Welcome to our community!

The error message that you are seeing means that the application could not automatically connect to InstaLOD Grid with your last used credentials.

Could it be that you accidentally entered something into the InstaLOD Grid user interface (see screenshot below)?

You can simply ignore the message, as it does not affect the local usage of InstaLOD.



Thanks Andreas!

However, my created profiles are gone, is it because I am not connected? Is there a way to get them back?

Kind regards,

Hello 3form,

Could you please elaborate on what exactly you are referring to when you say that your profiles are gone?

Profiles are saved as JSON files on your hard drive and shouldn’t disappear unless you delete them.

InstaLOD Studio is not limited in any way when not connected to InstaLOD Grid. The connection just allows the execution of mesh operations on a remote server.