Substance Anchor point

Questions about the use of previously used layers by masks, for example, if I drew a deep scratch, then I want this scratch to be used when generating subsequent masks*

Hello @deadsue,

If you’d like to make a feature request, you can do so by making a post in the Feature Request category under InstaMAT here. When making a post in that category a template becomes available. Posts in this category can be voted on to show interest in the feature.

It looks like you have a few requests. For some it might be best to split them into separate posts.

Please make sure to do a quick search to see if the feature has already been requested before posting.

There is a mask to sample the lower or group immediately below your layer, “Previous Layer Mask”. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for though, as you can only sample the immediate preceding layer.

and how can I take a screenshot of all the previous layers in one new layer and take this information from it? in substance painter this is called Passthroughe blending mode

In MAT a pass-through is currently only possible for groups, but unlike in other tools you can apply a filter to groups.