Texture Baker - Select UV channel

Option to select which UV channel is used for baking textures.


Usually the models I do use/create, come with multiple UV channels. The first channel for example contains a world oriented, to the projects texel size scaled UVs. The second UV channel contains the UVs for a unique bake.
As of right now, I have to export a version of the model for baking and one for production. It would be desirable to not have multiple *.fbx of the same models in my project structure.

Implementation Details

For each bake, optimally also public to the commandline, the option to select the UV channel that is used for baking. Also, if not already possible, to preview the output with the correct UVs. In Substance Designer for example you can bake with multiple UVs, but it is not possible to preview it with the correct one. It simply takes the first channel.

Hello @gestoryscht and thank you for your feature request!