The alpha channel?

Hi everyone, sorry but it’s me again, I searched the online manual but I couldn’t find the paragraph that talks about the Alpha channel, so I’ll explain my problem.

I have this locomotive created by me and on the engine compartment I have a grid that in Substance painter or Marmoset I create with an Alpha Channel material. In Instamat I can’t, I inserted the Opacity channel to the Bake, and to the mesh but the whole model becomes semi-transparent without the possibility of adjusting the opacity material by material.

The software is very interesting and I like it a lot, but it has a different philosophy from both Substance Painter and Marmoset Toolbag so I have to understand the procedures.

Thank You!

This is a tricky issue in realtime. Your whole mesh switches into a “Blended” draw mode where drawcalls and polygon lists must be rendered back to front so it looks right. Right now, you can only enable a layer channel for all materials, so you cannot Opacity for some material stacks.

I think a good workaround would be to simply not use alpha blending, but using masking. Simply create a layer channel called “Mask” instead of “Opacity” and you will not have these issues because a binary mask can be applied (e.g. transparent or not).

On a side note, in our current public build the default layer configuration is too sophisticated. You can improve performance by removing unused channels like “Ambient Occlusion” and set the “Base Color” bit-depth to “8pp” , this is a setup that is more similar to other applications. But performance should be excellent even with those channels added :slight_smile: