The I'm-Here-Thread


I haven’t seen any introduction thread, so here’s an attempt at starting one :slight_smile:

My name is Marc Albrecht, I am an old white man with over 40 years of software development experience (and some hardware dev stuff), currently solving problems for VFX studios in the movie/TV industry (mostly around topics like photogrammetry, scanning in general, low level camera driver access/high performance data wrangling, RAW conversion etc).
I love a good problem, hell, I even work for free if it is just unsolvable enough :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately, life has grown expensive …

That said, I am here, because, my line of work often requires “material” generation/editing in large scale quantities (talking tens of thousands of source images, terrabyte of data per project, millions of triangles in objects, dozens or even hundreds of UDIMs). Most “game-level” tech out there (here’s looking at you, substance) are “game over” when it comes to requirements like those (performance wise, mostly), so ANY new player on the market has me interested. HERE’s looking at YOU, abstract!


Hello and welcome to the community @malbrecht ! Let us know how it goes, MAT should scale if you have the right resources in your machine. But I’m really curious to hear how that works on a project with 100s of UDIMs. Hard to even find a UDIM setup with that many tiles :slight_smile:

Ha, tell that to Jack Greasley, he did have reason to start the whole shenanigans :rofl:

I shall have a look at your offspring as soon as I can get a hold of it.

I’ll tell that to him when/if I get to meet with him again :slight_smile: Godspeed with your tests!

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