Tile Scatter Mask Input

Currently the masking on the Tile Scatter node is a bit limited. Having a the ability to use a custom image for masking would be really helpful.

Hello @tswier,

If I understand you correctly you would like to use a custom image as a mask when scattering images or shapes. This is possible by using the Guided Scatter node and enabling the Use Mask Input option.


Thanks for helping out here! @Pixby this was posted in the “Feature Request” category but the format is mismatching. Can you move it out into the general discussion? Also, sadly, the language and format of the post missed the mark on what we expect for FRs.

Another adjacent node worth mentioning is the “Random Scatter”; it’s excellent if you want to do full-size scatters, e.g. tiles that cover the whole image.

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The post has been moved into the general discussion category.