Transforms Copy/Paste

In a Layering Project, being able to copy selected transform values on a selected layer (either individual or multi-selection would be a huge bonus), selecting a new layer and pasting those values respectively to set the desired transform.


A fairly solid example of this can be found in Unreal Engine 5 (though it applies globally and only individually in UE4 for translate scale and rotate). Select an object in the a level, RMB over the transforms in its Details panel to copy the values. Select a different object in the level, RMB over its transforms in the Details panel, and paste them in. The different object now uses the same values copied from the original object.

Implementation Details

Currently there are only two options for transforms. Reset or Expose as Input. Expose as Input is not allowed. I can envision exposing the inputs and binding them to a single parameter earlier in the element graph, but that’s just not possible atm. When working in layering projects for unique assets utilizing volumes with projection enabled features , being able to RMB over any volume’s transforms to copy/paste individually, or across the entire matrix, is a huge time saver for applying transforms to other selections especially when maintaining scale or rotation for separate but unique layers that utilize volumes.

Thanks @skrawnybynature for your feature request!