Trouble getting Authorization on Workstation


 I'm having trouble authorizing my workstation, even though I've signed up on this workstation and can log into my abstract account. ??? Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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If I understand correctly, you are having issues with the activation of your license in InstaLOD Studio. Is there a particular error message that you are encountering?



Hi. I am having issues with authorization as well. Recently I had to reinstall my machine and now I can’t sign in with Instalod, it is saying that max activation count is reached. I tried to deactivate the current one (advised by business relations team) but it says Node locked licenses cannot be deactivated. I am using free seat license. Is there I way how to solve this?


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We have brought up your situation internally and someone from our business relations team will reach out.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully we can resolve this matter quickly,