UE5.3 Build Error

Hi there was recently trying to build the plugin in my project and i get the following errors and so on:

Cannot open include file: ‘MeshMergeUtilities/Private/MeshMergeUtilities.h’: No such file or directory

use of undefined type ‘FSkeletalMeshOptimizationSettings’

currently using vs 2022

Hello Jojoman236 and welcome to our community!

Unfortunately, InstaLOD for Unreal Engine currently only supports Unreal Engine 5.2. We are currently working on an update and will release it soon.



Okay thanks for the update. Any approx eta for the next update?

Any news for UE 5.3 support?

Nope, the plugin is not updated for ue5.3 .

Fixed compilation errors for UE5.3

Hi ,went through the changes thanks :slight_smile:

hey, @Anzo
thanks for the github link, I’m trying to fix but the “[=, this]” thingie results in this error message:
1>E:\UE5\RTS5\Plugins\InstaLODMeshReduction\Source\InstaLODUI\Private\Slate\InstaLODWindow.cpp(515): error C3791: ‘this’ cannot be explicitly captured when the default capture mode is by copy (=)

You can replace [=, this] by just a [=] in case if you are building with less than c++20

hmm… strange, earlier if I used [=] only, I got 2 linking errors (similarly to default code compilation), but know it works, maybe something in Intermediate caused it, and after deleting them solved the problem. thanks :slight_smile: