UI improvement request: Draw graph connections in foreground

I think it’s a problem that pin connections to graph nodes are shown behind the graph nodes rather than in front. Discussed in discord here - Discord


It’s a small thing, but it means you can’t, at a glance, disambiguate between a graph edge that’s connected to a node versus merely passing behind the node. Oddly, this isn’t a problem when you click “Expand” on like the inputs of a node where it properly draws the edges in all cases.

I understand this is an intentional choice to make nodes the focus, but I think both the nodes and the edges into them are equally important. I’m valuing correctness/disambiguation here higher than focal attention and the handful of pixels that it’d take to connect these doesn’t remarkably change the focus (imo), others may feel differently!


Connections should be shown in front of the graph nodes.

Thanks for considering the request!

Hello @reshen817 and welcome to our community!

I have moved your post to the InstaMAT > Feature Requests category and adjusted its format to follow the feature request template. Please feel free to make any adjustments as long as it follows the post format.


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