UV Island ID Mask From Bake

So my idea is to create an ID mask similar to material IDs for UV Islands or shells for more versatility in quick material assignments.

Hello @ryanpaule and welcome to the community!

You can create a feature request by posting in the feature request category. When you make a new post there, it will give you a template to fill out. This way we can keep the feature requests organized and others can vote on the feature. Might be best to do a quick search to see if the feature has already been requested.

sorry about that…new to this neighborhood

i do not have a feature request category available… or is it hidden?

No problem at all! Looks like this post is now in the feature requests category.

This post here explains the format for creating feature requests: About the Features Requests category

This functionality has been implemented with the Mesh UV Shell Mask. To learn more please visit our documentation article on masks: Masks | InstaMAT Documentation