What is this: Regenerate Library Preview?

Whenever I save the project, this dialog pops up every time.
How is this model I work on layering workflow end up in my ‘library’?
What is this library anyway? Is it “Mat library”? And if it is, I could not find it.
This isn’t very clear to me. Is it related to the default Category “Material/Assets” when we start the project?

Hello @tor3203,

InstaMAT Studio is able to generate a thumbnail preview of the project which can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the project in the Package Management panel. When saving the layering project, InstaMAT can automatically regenerate a new preview to reflect the changes made to the project.

This preview is also used if the project is added to your User Library. Adding InstaMAT Packages (.IMP files) to your User Library makes it possible to access it in the Graph Library panel for use in other projects. You can find more information on the User Library here.


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