When I press Ctrl+Z the images are deletes

Hi guys.

I am working with UDIMS and when I load the file again only the UDIM 1001 images exist.
I must load the rest of the images from the other UDIMS manually. I have been told that this is already resolved for the next version of InstaMAT.

There is another problem and that is that doing Ctrl+Z also deletes the images except for UDIM 1001

All the best

Thank you for the report @Marcosrom !

Are you on EA2, I know an issue here as been fixed recently, but I’m not sure if it’s on EA2 or EA3.
In any case, I’ll report this internally to make sure it’s indeed corrected.

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My version is this.

I think it’s the last one

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Well, the good news is, if they fixed it in EA3 it will be available the 29th!


I’m looking forward to the 29th.