Will you be posting step by step tutorials for total beginners, like me, to InstamMat?

I am a retired painter/illustrator. now using Blender 3D. I am primarily interested in hand-painting my textures. I would love to learn node-based operations to fully understand InstaMat and what it offers but I am humbled when looking at your documents page as to where to begin.

I know you are a small team but I also know there will be others like me who might get discouraged right at the starting block without a little bit of hand-holding.

I am unique probably because of my age, 75, but I would love to explore the potential that a program like this can offer me. I watched your 3-hour live-stream and was totally inspired by it but so much was covered is such a short time that I could barely keep up.

Thanks for considering my request.


Hello @mwsheeler and welcome to our community!

Yes the team is absolutely interested in creating all kinds of content for those who are just getting started to advanced users. From what I can tell there is a never ending backlog of potential videos for the YouTube channel and articles for the documentation website.

If you are curious about anything in particular, please feel free to ask here on the community website and they might turn some of those answers into content that they can expand upon.

That’s so great to hear about your inspiration from the live-stream! We really appreciate your post!

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Welcome to the community @mwsheeler ! I think it’s absolutely awesome that you keep learning at your (young) age :slight_smile: I hope I’ll be able to do the same. Anyways, like @Pixby said we’re absolutely planning to release getting started videos, we have a lot in the pipeline that’s currently being finalized.

Since we had such a positive response to our live-stream we’re planning to do those more often, in addition to all the educational content that we’re already producing!


That’s great news. Thanks voidberg!

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