Camera pivot issue

Currently, the camera pivot only sets to the mouse’s current position when we scroll the mouse wheel. When panning the pivot remains in its old position, making it difficult to move the camera. Is it possible to set the pivot to the cursor position while tumbling to fix this issue?


Hello and welcome @mahmutsezerj !

We do not set the pivot when orbiting because many users do not want to change the pivot in this case. It’s important to move the camera and still pivot around origin (or previous pivot). I recommend just zooming a bit in to set the pivot, or we could add a hotkey to set the pivot.

An option to enable it in preferences or a shortcut will do the job. Thanks!

Addition to this, i think pivot should not change when zooming on background. You can quickly get lost by mistake.

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I agree with @mahmutsezerj. A setting in preference to pivot around cursor would be nice.

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Indeed a settings preference would be welcome

Thanks for the feedback guys, it’s noted. Can you reference an app that shows this behaviour so I can add it to the task?

Houdini does it perfectly and fast. Maya also got that option too (tumble around object if i remember correctly). I think c4d also have this option. Substance painter have this behavior too.


The feature request that you can vote on has been opened for this here: Additional Viewport Orbit Behaviors: Orbit Around Mouse Cursor

Vote if you want this!

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