Feature Request: Alt+MMB = pan in Canvas and Dope Sheet

This is a request to allow for Alt+MMB panning in both Canvas and Dope Sheet windows. Similarly to how it works in Viewport.

In v1.4 new Alt+RMB zoom function has been added to Canvas but not Alt+MMB for panning. Which makes it inconsistent, you must always remember that in Viewport you pan with Alt+MMB but in Canvas pan with Alt+LMB. Where as in Dope Sheet you can’t mouse pan at all so scroll bar only.

I think these basic navigation functions must be consistent across all views like in other DCC apps where the same input method works for viewports, graphs, dope sheets etc. If any content can be rotated then it is Alt+LMB, if it can be panned then it is Alt+MMB, if can be zoomed then Alt+RMB. It works universally across all UI so you don’t have to distract trying to remember how to navigate in each specific pane.

Any chance for this being implemented?


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Absolutely! :raised_hands:
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