How to bake material colors into Mesh ID

When baking an ID map with Mesh Baking, is there any way to use “Material Color” in addition to using the “Mesh ID” and “Vertex Color” of the high mesh?


Hello YuLite,

In the bake-window it’s currently not supports as there’s no way to specify an image to transfer.
We could add the possibility for that though.

However, you can bake a “Transfer” map and use it with the “Image Mapper” to map the source texture to the target mesh. The source texture in this example is the checkerboard. Make sure to use the “CPU” baker, the texture sampler is not yet supported in the “GPU” baker:

This is how you can do it.

You can also do this directly in layering, however, you need to create a filter yourself. I’ll make sure that we add the filter directly in the next update:

Create this graph, and make sure to set the “Layering Compatibility” in the meta data.

Then in layering, add the filter:

Make sure to set your projection to “UV” and the static image in the channel should be your source texture.

With this system, you should be able to map arbitrary textures from source to target.

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I think it is great that we can create our own graphs and define our own processing :slightly_smiling_face:

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