How To Re-Create The Camera Adjustments GUI?

Hey everybody!

I’ve been using the Mesh Render Depth node and stumbled upon this interesting GUI that allows me to rotate the final render of the mesh and update the generated texture by dragging the UI gizmo.

I’ve tried to create a node replicating this functionality but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it?

Any help would be appreciated, I suspect that it’s a built-in editor that I won’t be able to create on my own, but I would love to be proven wrong!

Chunck :slight_smile:


That’s a good question! Currently these editor are, like you suspect, built-in and enable only for specific nodes.

However, we do want to allow users to enable these editors on their own nodes! What’s your exact use-case here? If it’s something that would benefit a lot of users, it would help me make the case internally.

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I had a feeling, but that’s great to hear!

So I was looking at making a “Rock Generator”. Just a graph that uses Mesh nodes to create a rock mesh, which I then run through the Render node to generate a depth image.

I like how intuitive the GUI shown above is when rotating the final result, so I was hoping that I could then abstract it as a graph parameter, so that users could drop in a Rock Generator node to their graphs and have the ability to rotate their render with the same UX.

I suspect this would then be the same issue if people wanted to re-purpose other built-in GUI for their nodes? Like Transform nodes in their graphs? I can see a lot of use cases where having access to the Transform GUI as a Graph Parameter would be incredibly useful!

I hope that helps clarify, I can create a Feature Request as well if you think that’d be beneficial to the case?

My Rock Generator Node

Transform GUI

The rock rocks :smiley:

Exactly, we’d have advanced controls that could be activated. Requiring the right parameters and such. This does require some plumbing in the UI code to work, it’s non-trivial.

That would be great!

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Thank you! :grin:

I’m sure it would require some re-working of the UI (gotta love UI programming :upside_down_face:), but I think it would significantly improve the UX that artists can provide when developing their own nodes. Trying to rotate or even position things with sliders can be cumbersome, GUI elements are a way better experience.

Just posted a feature request for this, thanks for the feedback and hopefully if you do make a case for this that it will clarify the desired outcome a little bit more than this post here.


Chunck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the FR! I’ll bring it up in the next internal meeting, maybe it’s something we can do in some limited fashion for some controls with the next release.

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That’d be stellar, I’d love to do some tutorials that would involve them if we can. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated, thanks for your time and good luck! :pray:

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