Viewport: Rotate camera around mouse?

Like in many 3D apps, you can navigate your 3D scene in the viewport by rotating the view around the mouse. I can’t find an option for this in the preferences and the default is just rotate the camera around the origin. How to change this?

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Hello @primer7025 and welcome to the community.

You can do that by:

  1. Dragging the “View Sphere” in the lower left corner
  2. By pressing alt/option while left-clicking and dragging in the viewport!

i think he is asking for this. I asked for the same behavior.

@voidberg I’m afraid I’m referring to what @mahmutsezerj linked in their response in this thread. I can’t seem to get the viewport camera to orbit around where ever the mouse is.

If you’ve ever used a DCC like Houdini, then this is the default behavior and the easiest to use/most naturally intuitive for navigating a 3D scene.

And I shouldn’t need to click on the View Sphere at all to do this either.

If not setting the pivot for camera orbiting is an intentional design decision, then I ask that an option is at least added in the settings to allow users to choose to enable this functionality, thank you.

Thanks for clarifying! So you’d prefer if RMB would not “look around” the scene but orbit always around the center?

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I would prefer if RMB specifically orbited around the mouse’s position. I think the simplified technical logic is basically: fire a ray from the camera towards the mouse, and whatever position on a polygon in the scene the ray hits first becomes the viewport camera’s new center orbit. I’m doing my best to just describe how Houdini does it by default. I definitely recommend just downloading the free apprentice version of houdini and just playing around with navigation with some geometry in the scene to get a feel for what I mean.

Probably what would work best for user satisfaction is if InstaMat had a preset dropdown list setting in the preferences for viewport navigation behavior where a user could just select ‘houdini’ from a list of industry software packages, then the relevant hotkeys/behavior from that software would be applied. In this case everyone who has their own personal navigation preferences wins. Blender does something like this but their implementation of this idea is limited.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

And it looks like other people have similar ideas haha: Feature Request: Alt + MMB = pan in Canvas

Once again, thanks for clarifying, it’s noted!

Is this feature being considered? Sorry for bugging you! Thanks!

Hello @primer7025,

The feature has been noted internally.


Do we have a feature-request for this request?

Not that I can see. I can create one.

I’ve created a feature request here. Votes can be added to show interest in the feature. Additional Viewport Orbit Behaviors: Orbit Around Mouse Cursor

Excellent, thank you!

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